Introducing Khichdi

Khichdi Enterprise Limited

The possibilities are endless. There is no limit.
Khichdi Enterprise Limited brings you a change. It’s unique. It’s wonderful. Explore our free and paid services today. Our paid services start as low as Rs. 999 for the whole year!


We have devleoped fully functiona web services that you typically hear from the great’s such as the Google’s and Microsoft’s of the world. Khichdi is one of the newest and hottest portals on the internet right now, offering more than 12 unique services and products right out of the box.

So what are you waiting for ?

Khichdi search

Khichdi Search is an all new experience to find any business you need.

Khichdi Jobs

We have our own social networking portal called Dosti!

software solutions

Amazing solutions are available for free and paid users.

mobile apps

We have a wide range of mobile applications for all our services too!

Try It Now!

We are proud to offer various services for free such as email and social networking, amongst other services.  We have a wide range of premium services for you to try starting from just Rs. 999 per year!