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Khichdi Enterprise (Public) Ltd.  offers multiple business offerings under a single roof. We came up with the name Khichdi is growing its list of businesses and we have already set up three offices in Ahmedabad alone, with plans to expand into other cities across Gujarat and India. Just like Khichdi is the first food most kids in India eat Рwe hope to be the first and single choice for our potential customers. We wanted a name that was truly Indian and more so close to our roots and our city, so we came up with the name Khichdi. Khichdi represents a company that aims to create multiple business offerings under a single roof and aims to become one of the largest companies in India over the next decade. Whether you want to work in a technology company, or an entertainment one, or a company that focuses on launching unique conceptual  restaurants and cafes, or enjoy being surrounded in the world of fashion and luxury, travel around the world meeting people, or sitting inside the office doing something else РKhichdi offers unlimited possibilities for you to grow and excel.

Khichdi Technology is a leader in quality web design, web hosting, web development, digital media marketing, social media management, animated videos, radio advertising, outdoor advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), mobile applications featuring iOS, Android and Windows Mobile, e-commerce, e-books, logo design, brochure design, stall design, Google Adwords, facebook advertising, server administration, big data analytics, and so much more.

Khichdi Entertainment & Films is our venture into entertainment industry where we create ad films, movies, films and also get involved into other areas such as photography and more.

Khichdi Cafe is our planned venture into restaurants & cafes.

Khichdi Fashion is an online retail shopping portal which connects designers and fashion shoppers. Khichdi Fashion also help connect bloggers, and fashion advisers with the world over through Fashion Blogs, a series of customizable blogs for every fashion blogger around.

Khichdi Class is a new way for students to learn online and offline with fun and joy. Khichdi Class have a range of courses that include interactive learning and on hand trainings.

Khichdi Health is a portal that provides patient education and connects them to doctors.

Khichdi Money is a portal where people can learn about personal finance, the stock market, mutual funds and learn how to invest through excellent information, education and resources.

Khichdi Jobs is a portal where candidates can apply for desired jobs and even employers can post their requirements. With two separate registrations, this portal allows both candidates and the employers, an ease in searching for the suitable match for each other. It allows the employers to send an email or sms to the candidates they feel are fit for the vacancy they have.

Khichdi Travel is our platform to help travelers reach their preferred destinations through fantastic end to end packages. From flight booking to hotel stays and excursions we offer a simple one stop solution to your entire travel need.

Khichdi Property is our platform to people find offices and offices for rental or purchase. We also focus to help find short stay properties for your vacation or your other needs.

Khichdi Search is our platform to help find businesses and events happening around the country. Whether you want to find directions to a place, check out a menu, book reservations or something else, this becomes the place for business directory listings and events.

Khichdi Pets is an initiative to help pets find great homes, and for pet owners to find great partners for life.

Khichdi Communication includes our free and corporate email service solutions as well as our instant messenger service available on mobile, desktop and the web. &

We have invested in the cloud !


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